The Eyeballing Game

"Wow, this was created in Webflow?"

Objective: To create a visually stunning and challenging game using Webflow, to showcase its capabilities and demonstrate its potential as a tool for creating engaging web experiences.

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Sara Lundberg - Manager

Target audience: The target audience for this game is developers, designers, and marketers who are interested in building visually appealing and interactive web experiences without coding. The game should demonstrate how Webflow can be used to create complex animations, responsive layouts, and engaging user interactions without the need for coding.

Gameplay: The gameplay consists of a series of UI and slider pairs that the user has to match as accurately as possible within a set time limit. The UI and slider pairs can be varied in terms of design and difficulty, with various challenges as the game progresses. The scoring system should be based on how close the slider is to the UI, with a penalty for incorrect matches and bonus points for completing pairs quickly.

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